Pictures at dusk

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

Pictures taken at dusk can provide a ‘lifestyle’ image, which can show a warmth provided by a new window or door installation.

At dusk we get a lot of blue light, and when coupled with the room’s ‘warm’ (2,700K) LED lights, similar colour to the old tungsten bulbs, the room offers a cosy feel.

So, how to capture this well – as with all photography – planning and practice is all it takes.

If you have a traditional camera, it is best to use a tripod and a cable, or remote, shutter release to ensure a longer time exposure can be achieved without camera shake. Practice using a manual setting until you get the correct exposure for the best result.

As we go through from day to night there is an optimal balance between outside light and the light internally, and it is this short time that you need to take pictures. I would suggest that you supplement this lifestyle image with daytime images, as the window or door product taken in the dark will lack detail.

There is also the option of using one of the new phone cameras which are beginning to work very well in low light – even hand held – with some very good results.

I would not suggest using phone pictures for print use, but for web use the results can be very acceptable.

Again, planning and practice should result in you obtaining the right image.