Phenomenal Facebook profits

Andy Ball, managing director of Balls2 Marketing, talks about what Facebook’s phenomenal profits mean.

Facebook shares hit a record high last month as it reported a massively higher-than-expected quarterly profit of $3.89 billion – a 71% increase on the same period last year.
The growth has been accredited to Facebook-owned Instagram, a significant increase in mobile advertising sales, and monetising video more in Facebook’s News Feed. If you’re a regular user, you’ve probably started to notice more ad breaks in videos similar to those on YouTube.
The profits prove that businesses are getting loads of success from Facebook advertising and are really ramping up their spend.
This makes Facebook a very important place for window installers. Not only is it a cost-effective way of getting leads, but it’s exactly where your potential customers are looking for home improvement companies. And if a potential customer is checking out your Facebook page, they want to feel that they are seeing a true reflection of the business.
We find that Facebook’s clever tools get our clients noticed by the right potential customers – photo carousels, videos and photo galleries all look great on your page and catch people’s attention when they scroll through their news feeds.
When we create Facebook campaigns for clients, we use a mix of content because we understand that consumers respond to things in different ways. Including website links, posts with clear call-to-actions and product information, as well as good visuals, will help drive traffic to your website and generate more calls.
To reach even more potential customers, there are lots of ways to do it with Facebook ads. You can boost posts, create offers, create Sign Up, Call Now or Get Directions adverts and now have video ads too.
Facebook targeting is so detailed, you can specify the type of user you are looking for, right down to their age, location and even their interests, so it’s really great for campaigns targeting specific consumers.
With all these tools, it’s the right time for installers to add Facebook marketing to their strategy to boost sales leads.