Broaden your products and services

With more crossover between windows and exterior building plastics products, and a greater choice of products, Sarah McCartney, marketing manager at SIG Building Plastics, looks at the opportunities open to installers.

Whether it’s roofline, windows or building plastics, you could argue that we’re all in the same business of property improvement. Where once there was a clear division between each sector, today the boundaries are blurring.
Now, for instance, it’s not unusual for a window specialist to offer roofline services, and vice versa – it all makes perfect sense: why not encourage customers to invest in quality roofline at the same time they upgrade their windows and doors?
From the customer’s point of view, they can match the aesthetics of their new windows and doors to new roofline, and choose from the wealth of new colour ranges now available. As well as saving them time and money by doing it simultaneously, they can also rest-assured that they won’t be left facing a bill for a weakened roof and substantial repairs sometime further down the line. More importantly, from the window installer’s point of view, offering additional roofline services can be a profitable way to grow business.
Branching out into new territory may seem daunting at first. It may require a whole new skills’ set, and working with new and unfamiliar products. You could also be faced with sourcing products and components from a variety of manufacturers or fabricators that you may never have dealt with previously, which can be intimidating and time-consuming. You may also need to invest in new tools and equipment. However, not to take that risk may mean losing out on potential business that could restrict your growth and even put you behind your competitors. Plus, we all know that standing still is never a good option.
Putting your trust in a one-stop-supplier is one of the first and easiest steps you can take as you expand your products and services. Not only will it open the door to a wealth of choice across leading brands, you will also reap the rewards of excellent customer service, flexible lead times, and training and technical support. Whether it’s fascias, soffits, drainage, doors, windows and conservatories, a reputable supplier will provide sound, straightforward advice and technical support – along with a great deal of hand-holding – ideal for those who are inexperienced, or embarking on projects outside of their comfort zone.
Dealing with a one-stop supplier also makes particular sense for smaller contractors. Wearing many hats can be challenging and getting your product range just right is no easy task. Likewise, keeping abreast of all the latest developments can be a job in itself. By enlisting the services of a one-stop supplier, however, not only has all the product homework already been done for you – leaving you with a ready-made range to showcase to your customers – you will be able to offer them great products at the right price, backed by exceptional service.
From a one-stop supplier, you can expect support on just about everything from products and accessories, to energy ratings, and legislation. At branches of SIG Building Plastics and SIG Windows, for example, you can expect to receive sound, straightforward advice and technical support. Whatever challenges and opportunities present themselves during the job, you can rely on a breadth of range and speed of service for everything you need, when you need it.
Also, because we only supply products from leading manufacturers in the industry, you also have peace of mind from manufacturers’ warranties and support too.
The building plastics and glazing sectors are evolving rapidly, and there’s no better time than now to expand your business by widening your products and services.