New brand evolution

DoorCo has revealed its new brand, which includes a set of ‘CO’ principles, exclusively on the cover of Glass Times this month. MD Dan Sullivan explains the background behind the launch.

Over the last decade DoorCo has grown to become a serious player in the UK composite door market.

When a company goes through such exponential growth, you would expect it look different, and DoorCo 2021 looks very different to the DoorCo of 2011 in many ways.

We have built an exceptional team, product range and service offering for a start. But there is one key factor that remains consistent: the fundamental beliefs and behaviours, set out at the beginning, still underpin everything we do. This is what has seen us through a vary turbulent period and has enabled us to emerge stronger.

Another big change, particularly this year, is the shift in marketing coming from DoorCo. Gripcore, Flip and Original are all new products/ranges launched this year and, collectively, they form the DoorCo House of Brands, which was developed to showcase the range of products we have available.

Let’s be honest, our name makes it obvious as to who we are and what we do. But as DoorCo has grown, and our product range has expanded to go deeper into what customers need. Developing individual brands under the DoorCo umbrella gives our products an individual look and feel; a separate personality that stands out from the crowd and appeals to customers with different tastes and requirements.

When we set out on this journey, thanks to the work of our creative partners, we were inspired to reflect on what sits at the top of the chain, and how DoorCo itself is represented, both in identity and positioning.

While we joke that the name is obvious, we are still a composite door component supplier, so it is synonymous with what we do and the reputation we have developed. This is as much our brand as our logo is and, therefore, it was important that this exercise focused on evolution, not revolution. It had to mark the progression of DoorCo as a business while retaining our identity that has been with us from the beginning, and is still important to us today.

The branding of DoorCo has been modernised. We’ve kept the same core logo but given it a facelift with a new font and colour scheme, making it more dynamic to match our position as innovators and disruptors. It has been brought in line with the quality of our product and service, and allowed for the development of stamps and idents that show we’re proud of what we deliver. We’ve added a new tag line – ‘Whatever it takes’ – which aligns with our attitude and indicates what you can expect from dealing with DoorCo.

Above all, we feel the new visual identity takes ownership of all of the above, reflects DoorCo 2021, and gives us a platform for further growth and development.

A brand, however, goes beyond just the logo and visual assets. While we have invested hard in the visual representation of who DoorCo is, the values, USPs and what makes your offering different or better than the rest, is just as important. It is the brand reputation and goodwill that forms the trust developed between supplier and customer.

As I said before, this has always been a fundamental part of DoorCo and has seen us through some very tough times. Therefore, at the same time as updating our brand, we felt it was an excellent opportunity to state our values too. For the last 18 months we have been firefighting and running at 100mph. It is now an opportunity to take stock and re-group, and most importantly remind everyone of the spirit that built the business.

For customers that have joined DoorCo since March 2020, they probably aren’t really aware of what DoorCo stands for as it’s been ‘code red’ for us all since that time. It’s time to re-establish the ground rules and set the compass to take us on to the next level.

The Co in DoorCo represents a set of principles that we live and work by; the foundations of what makes us, us. You will have seen three of them on the front cover of this issue – Conscientious, Committed and Collaborative – but we have a long list that form the cornerstones of our business, which influence our decisions and in turn our customers’ decisions going forward. These also include Considered, Connected, Consult, Complete, Communicate and Committed.

Our compass, and the meaning behind our values, are all demonstrated on our new website, which has been given a full overhaul in line with the new brand.

The new DoorCo brand and website, Gripcore, Flip and Original, set the benchmark for DoorCo and the platform for us to continue investing on behalf of our customers in creating a household name that is synonymous with quality and trust.