Make it pop

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

‘Make it pop’ is a term used when I moved over to digital processing, to make the image stand out against the rest.

For some of us old enough to remember the old Kodachrome 25 slide film, we used to enjoy the rich greens and deep reds that this film provided, and the images used to stand out against the alternative ‘negative’ film at the time.

The same can be completed in digital processing and in most, if not all, smart phones and cameras you can achieve something similar by increasing the saturation. Carefully increasing the saturation will make the image richer, more vivid and hopefully offer a little more ‘pop’.

Overdoing the adjustment will give the viewer the impression they are on some form of hallucinogenic drug, so caution is advised. Quite simply the saturation slider or adjustments just increases or reduces the colour. Desaturate completely, and you will end up with a black and white picture, which can also become quite creative, especially when certain colours are enhanced through filtering or adjustment and taking back to black and white.

The important thing is, explore the options you have in your editing app to produce images that stand out, and that you are proud to share.