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Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection, suggests that the best brands across the globe benefit from being cherished and loved. Their window and door system is no different, as she explains.

Many businesses around the world have brand champions and, by this, I mean entrepreneurs with a flair for marketing and more commonly heads of marketing in SMEs and large multinational businesses.

Some do it well, some do it because they have too, and others truly shine. But ultimately brands need love, care and attention.

As a business that has thrived with innovation and entrepreneurship, we have been able to do things differently without the legacy of a brand that goes back many decades, and the fact that we are again an owner-managed business. The Residence Collection was born to innovate, and this is something that we have carried through from product design, to the way in which we carefully nurture the brand.

It’s safe to say that The Residence Collection has a reach far deeper than any other PVCU system company in the UK and we can back up this claim with 5,317 followers on Twitter, 59,147 followers on Facebook and over 13K followers on Instagram where we really thrive. On Pinterest, we can boast 194.5K monthly views, and we also have a page on Houzz that’s gaining traction.

But it’s not just about the metrics, it’s about the way in which we as a marketing function at The Residence Collection all engage with consumers and building professionals, including architects. We’ve even featured on iconic paint brand Farrow & Ball’s official Instagram page with an R7 window in Chalk White, which has received more than 9,000 likes.

Our impressive social media platform has only been made possible by the level of care and expertise we put into our strategy, campaigns and content, and this includes photography. It’s safe to say that installers and consumers are incredibly proud of their windows and doors, and this has enabled us to build an unrivalled portfolio of photography, to inspire a new generation of homeowners who want a window to reflect their lifestyle.

We continue to invest in digital marketing and we are relatively unique as a business in that we have a trade website with all the detailed features and benefits of the range, along with a proven consumer site that generates strong leads and did so during lockdown. Indeed, during lockdown enquiries increased substantially, as did interactions through social media, and so we find ourselves with record levels of new enquiries from the sharp end.

The marketing programme for The Residence Collection is carefully orchestrated across the trade, self-build, architectural and consumer sectors with a common thread in that we’ve designed windows and doors the way they’re meant to be. We’re genuinely inspired with the success of the business and, with the brand that we’ve created, it is also something that our trade partners have cherished with the same level of enthusiasm too.

Our brochures have set a benchmark in the industry and it’s been flattering to see that it’s inspired others with similar colours, looks and appearance. Earlier this year we launched My Residence magazine, which arguably has been our most successful brochure to date and, more recently, we’ve produced the second issue after overwhelming demand from everyone.

Both advertising and PR transcends several market sectors and the experience we have built up over the years helps us understand where the best ROI is for each marketing pound spent. But above all else to get the very best out of your business you need to love thy brand and to cherish and nurture it. Do it well and you can thrive and enjoy the strong commercial returns that come with it.

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