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Adrian Adams, facades market manager at Saint-Gobain Building Glass, discusses the advantages of the company’s latest solar control glass technology.

Innovations where our product range can positively impact customers’ productivity is a key focus for Saint-Gobain Building Glass, and the latest SGG Easypro coating meets that criteria perfectly.

SGG Easypro is a revolutionary new polymer coating that enhances the method of processing glass by transforming the SGG Cool-Lite II range into more durable and robust products at no extra cost.

Traditionally high performance glass coatings can sometimes be vulnerable to damage at numerous stages of the supply route such as during transport, unloading or while handling and processing. SGG Easypro is a coating that provides added protection to the SGG Cool-Lite II range during those critical stages.

The new SGG Easypro protective coating has been specifically designed to enhance the robustness of Saint-Gobain’s ‘to be tempered’ SGG Cool-Lite II product range, a range that delivers high performance solar control and is used in a variety of different glazing applications.

The SGG Cool-Lite product range enables architects, designers and specifiers to create comfortable working environments by promoting high levels of natural daylight and reducing overheating from sun. SGG Cool-Lite products are designed for use in a number of applications including commercial office, leisure, education, healthcare and domestic developments. The ability to reduce solar gain and enhance natural light positively impacts buildings’ operating costs, which can help reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

SGG Easypro provides an extra layer of protection to the SGG Cool-Lite II product, ensuring a consistently high quality end result, and giving customers the peace of mind that our products are easier to handle and less prone to damage while reducing waste and enhancing productivity.

The SGG Easypro coating is able to protect the SGG Cool-Lite II product against mechanical damage and ageing from deposition right up until the tempering phase. The coating remains on the glass and is simply burned away during the tempering process, leaving behind a high-quality product as it exits the tempering furnace.

SGG Easypro increases product durability and process productivity at no additional cost to customers. It delivers many other benefits such as reducing waste and additional shelf life on the products and we believe it will transform the production of solar control glass coatings in the future.

One of our key processing partners, Float Glass Industries, has been using the SGG Easypro in their manufacturing process.
FGI’s David Offland said: “In an industry that is mainly focused on the incremental performance improvement of its products, it is refreshing to see an innovation that adds real tangible benefits to the glass processor. SGG Easypro enables us to consistently produce high quality solar control products that our customers have become accustomed to, while helping us to improve productivity and reduce waste.”

The benefits of SGG Easypro also echo down the supply chain. Main contractors and commercial fabricators can have increased confidence around key requirements such as supply and quality when specifying SGG Cool-Lite products as they now feature SGG Easypro as standard.

SGG Easypro offers many benefits, and will help deliver real cost savings and enhanced productivity to our customers with additional advantages downstream to the wider supply chain.

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