Fruitful commercial relationship

By Ben Brocklesby, director at Origin.

Introduced in 2019, the Origin Commercial Department was designed to be a new, dynamic arm to our business that could help us access new markets and encourage our nationwide network of partners to feel confident when chasing bigger projects.

As a result, we work closely with partners looking to bid for larger scale, multi-site, multi-plot projects, allowing them access to the commercial team’s unparalleled experience and unique understanding of the market.

Our partners can use this expertise throughout the entire process, from conceptualisation, design and tenders, through to pitching and demonstrating the products’ adherence to the Building Regulations. This means they can go into their pitch with total confidence that they are best placed to win the business and know that they have the full backing of the Origin team.

By working with Origin on these types of projects, our partners can rest assured that every product they have selected will be supplied on time, in full, and will be of the highest quality. They also know that these products come with an industry-leading guarantee of up to 20 years, will exceed building and safety regulations, and offer immense consumer appeal.

We have already invested heavily to ensure we meet these promises, and we will continue to do so, futureproofing our business and supply chains. It may sound strange to be investing so heavily during periods of such economic uncertainty, but we saw the downturn as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and reiterate our position as a leading manufacturer.

We nurtured our relationships with suppliers to ensure that they remained stronger than ever, which has resulted with us being the preferred customer in many cases. Our new 55,000ft2 warehouse in Bicester, known as The Ark, also helped, housing aluminium and stock worth more than £11 million, and allowing capacity to be increased by 82%.

How closely involved we are with a project will depend on the situation. If a partner pitched for the project, we will be available to help in any way that they may need. If we undertook the tender, we would work with the developer, as well as a regional partner, to offer a full turnkey solution, where the partner supplies the glazing, surveying and installation, while we supply the products.

No matter whether we are directly involved in the initiation of the project, the Origin Commercial Team will be there for our partners.

We have worked with many partners since the introduction of the Commercial Department, supplying the Origin Home range to developers such as Cala Homes, Mountfield Developments, Backhouse Homes, EAB Homes, Urban Splash, and Whitecroft Developments, across the UK, so partners should feel confident that we together have the capacity and expertise to go after big projects.

We want to encourage more partners to grow their own businesses, and with the backing of Origin and our ‘gold standard of service’, they can feel confident to pitch for larger scale projects.

For those hoping to learn more about commercial projects, or the benefits of working with Origin for their business, please visit