Covid-19 capture

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

These certainly are unprecedented times and as we try to come to terms with what business may be like in the future, companies in our industry are getting back to work to meet order books with safety at the forefront of production.

There are also many companies that are still going above and beyond to support the vulnerable in our society as well as our fantastic NHS. If your company, or employees are involved in any support activities, make sure you record these by way of photography.

I was fortunate not to be around during the last war and, as VE Day recently reminded us, this was an era where the British people helped each other to pull through very difficult times. The Covid-19 pandemic offers us a glimpse of how in-despair we can do so many positive things.

‘Company stories’ carry communication on a human level, not only with the excellent support for others, but with the team spirit behind such endeavours.

Company owners can rightly be proud of their staff and wish to communicate this to their market.

It’s often been said, and I believe very true, that people buy from people who they admire and trust. Communicate your stories by way of images and copy, present this in magazines, social media and in your own premises.