By the book…

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell shares his Christmas reading list.

Short of Christmas present ideas? Well, not one but two books have emerged from the industry recently – lockdown must have proved inspirational for some.
The first is a children’s book, which is a collaboration between forklift manufacturer Combilift and award-winning Irish author Emer Conlon, and The Forklifts and their Secret Superpowers depicts the main Combilift products as cartoon characters.

According to Emer, this is a novel way to communicate with existing and potential customers, as well as being involved in the education of the next generation.

“I also wanted to use it as a marketing tool for the adults and so I used the USPs of the actual forklifts and turned them into the superpowers of the characters,” she said. “That way both adults and children would get something from the book.

“Martin McVicar [Combilift MD] really liked the idea – especially the educational aspect for children – and, as a result, CombiKids was created.”
The second book you may be interested in is The Hippocrocodogopig which describes a quirky animal in need of a friend.

Written by Thermoseal’s marketing manager Samantha Hill, the Hippocrocodogapig hides himself away until he meets a cheeky new friend, Monkey. The story teaches children the importance of friendship, and not to judge others by the way they look.