Winning formula

Window Warehas helped one of its customers deliver safe and simple window operation to a local school science lab.

KCW Windows was asked by Bedford Borough Council to tender to replace 10 windows at a local boys’ school. The team at KCW called on Window Ware to supply Caldwell folding openers for its new Smarts aluminium windows.

Gemma Deegan, KCW’s commercial estimator,said: “Although the windows in the science lab weren’t high up, they were hard to reach over wide workbenches and obstructions. By choosing to opt for pole operation even at low level, the windows could be operated easily and safely.

“With Window Ware’s help, we made sure we were using the right opener variant for the job. That on-tap product expertise is a real clincher for us.We’ve sourced our door and window hardware from Window Ware for over 20 years and regularly rely on them for quality products that are competitively priced and backed by prompt delivery and great service. True to form, Window Ware was able to supply us with highly-specified Caldwell folding openers which offered the price, performance and durability we were after.”

Richard Fraser, Window Ware’s business development manager for aluminium,provided practical advice and support.

“We’re glad our team of experts were able to steer KCW in the right direction for a best-fit solution that resulted in complete customer satisfaction all round,” he said.

Caldwell folding openers are just some of the 6,500 unique, leading-brand products we offer here at Window Ware. It means that if you are tendering for school window repairs, you can rely on Window Ware for highly-specified hardware and superior technical support that will help you meet the project brief, keep your quotes competitive, and ultimately win the contract.”