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A contract to replace timber box sash windows in the heart of London’s Soho conservation area gave commercial installer The Window Company (Contracts) the opportunity to show off the bespoke nature of its business.

Working on behalf of main contractors Osborne Property Services, The Window Company (Contracts) sourced 58 double glazed windows from Dempsey Dyer to replicate the 19th century originals.

The team even arranged independent third-party performance testing of the windows to demonstrate that they met the client City Dwelling’s specification for the conservation area in every detail. In total, 46 single sliding sash windows were installed on the project, along with eight double sashes and four triple sashes.

The main challenges in terms of installation in the five-storey mansion block were related to accessibility, so The Window Company (Contracts) erected bespoke narrow scaffolding on the front of the building in Marshall Street and hired special lifting gear to manoeuvre the triple sash windows, which each weighed up to 250kg.

To reduce the installation time and minimise disruption for the building’s residents and surrounding businesses, The Window Company (Contracts) brought in additional trained manpower for the project and used all its skills in planning and resident liaison to ensure that it spent a minimum number of days on site.

The Window Company (Contracts) won the contract on the strength of its reputation and previous work carried out for Osbornes on various contracts in including work in partnership with Dacorum Council.

Company chairman David Thornton said: “We built our name replacing PVCU windows in social housing projects, but the scope of the business extends way beyond that. We also routinely install timber, aluminium and even steel products and, because we are entirely independent, we can always recommend and source exactly the right windows and doors for every contract.”

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