Natural light maximised

Systemglas Advenerat from Promat UK met the brief of providing assured fire protection with uncompromising aesthetics for a renovation project at a luxury family home in Surrey.

The project to transform the ground floor kitchen of the exclusive property into a stunning new open-plan space for cooking, dining and relaxation, required the integration of effective passive fire safety measures to ensure occupants can escape safely in the event of a fire. This was particularly important for preventing the spread of fire to the first floor of the house, given the design of home’s elegant main staircase, which allows for open-ness and maximum flow of natural light through the property’s large external windows.

An EI30 (integrity and insulation) fire-resistant glazed screen installed on the staircase landing was formed using the Systemglas Advenerat system. This enabled the creation of a fire-resistant butt-jointed, four panel glazed screen, mounted in a square-edged frame which is painted white to match the surrounding décor.

Installer PGS Glass chose Systemglas Advenerat due to the fire-resistant calcium silicate Promatect H framing, which was over clad with a steel angle, and powder coated to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution in combination with the butt jointed glass.

Paul Groves of PGS Glass said: “The glazed screen created using Systemglas Advenerat looks fantastic, maximising light transmission on the landing and staircase, and the client is delighted with the end result. It is a fine example of how assured passive fire protection can be delivered while maximising visual appeal, which is so important in high end projects of this kind.”