Lockdown hospital project

Central RPL supplied more than 200 PVCU windows to Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital.

The products were installed at the Wednesfield site by R&R Services, but the need to fabricate and install the windows during the coronavirus lockdown posed challenges that both companies had to overcome.

“Because the project involved a hospital, it was classed as essential work, so we engaged a small team of just six people to complete the job,” Central’s CEO Gary Morton said.

“For us, that meant fabricating a 120 or so products while obeying strict coronavirus prevention measures, including social distancing in the factory.

“You always feel a big sense of responsibility when you’re making products for something as important as a hospital, but on this project that was more the case than ever. We were meticulous about hygiene.

“It was a steep learning curve, but we adapted very quickly. In the long-term, it was actually really useful, because it forced us to get to grips with socially distanced working early on.

“Now the restrictions have been eased, it’s allowed us to get back to work much quicker than we would’ve otherwise.”

R&R Services also had to take extensive precautions during the installation phase of the project.

“Installing on a hospital full of vulnerable people during a global pandemic is as challenging as it sounds,” R&R Services director Rob Beddows said. “But thanks to the skill and professionalism of our experienced installers, we’re delighted to say the job went off without a hitch.”