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A case study by Elumatec.

Architectural Steel, based in Trafford Park, supplies cladding and facades. It offers a service that includes design, technical advice and expert fabrication, but it had a specific issue that was affecting their ability to compete in the market

Without the machinery to fabricate certain sub-structures in house, it was reliant on outsourcing. When internal reviews highlighted this as a reason for buyers choosing alternative suppliers, the business knew it was time to take control and invest in its production assets.
Architectural Steel has a skilled and dedicated workforce, and believes in choosing reliable, high-quality equipment. Even though Eumatec was a “natural choice”, the company knew it had to deliver outstanding service from the outset.

Elumatec’s Andrew Robson said: “Discussions about its market, existing fabrication equipment, options and set-up were frank and open. We found a team on our wavelength, experts with lots of ideas, but more than prepared to keep an open mind.

“That ability to look at the wider picture – not to be fixed on a certain solution – is a key characteristic of a successful business and, together, we’ve been able to pinpoint the precise machinery configuration required.”

Architectural Steel now owns an SBZ122/71 CNC machine and its associated software. This is a machining centre that is suited to working aluminium and steel profiles. It’s fast but stable and easy to adjust for bespoke fabrication work. It incorporates ergonomic design and safety features and is frugal in its power consumption.

It’s based on a user-friendly Windows operating system, uses our eluCam software, and can even be programmed during operation. Maintenance can also be carried out remotely via TCP/IP.
“It’s a high-quality machining centre based on proven engineering, but we’ve also ensured that the training we delivered was thorough and tailored, enabling the workforce to get up to speed as soon as possible,” Andrew said.

Combining all the features on Architectural Steel’s wish-list alongside efficient and economical operation, this new machining centre allows Architectural Steel to challenge its competitors by helping secure the orders that might previously have gone elsewhere.
Architectural Steel’s Jared Mann said: “The benefits of our new machine are obvious. As we’re no longer having to outsource, we can quote with confidence and we’re gaining business that we would otherwise have lost on price. Elumatec has done far more than supply a new machine. It’s given us more opportunities and firm foundations from which we can continue to expand.”

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