Heathrow deal sealed

Newview Homes has been signed up to Heathrow’s Runway Three project.

Already a Heathrow collaborator, Newview has installed thousands of acoustic windows for nearby homeowners as part of the airport’s ongoing noise attenuation scheme, the company said.

Now, that scheme will be massively expanded, with the airport expected to spend £660 million on noise attenuation over the next 15 years (equivalent to 10% of the total UK glazing market).

Newview’s MD Michele Wietscher said: “Heathrow is one of the most rigorous, quality-focused organisations we’ve ever come across. On everything from recycling and sustainability to procurement and corporate social responsibility, they’re relentless in their pursuit of excellence – and that means we have to be too.

“To be selected for contracts like these, we have to demonstrate an outstanding service across the board – exemplary supply chain management, superb product quality, highly responsive account management, and, particularly in this case, an unshakable commitment to sustainability.

“Heathrow is incredibly driven when it comes to minimising its environmental impact, and one of the key reasons we won the contract is because we are too.”

All the vehicles in Newview’s fleet have now been equipped with emissions trackers, and any profits that their recycling efforts generate are used to plant trees with the Sussex Wildlife Trust. Over the next year the company is switching all of its vans for hybrid vehicles.

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