Commercial contracts

A Staffordshire window company has secured more than £250K of commercial contracts in two months.

Target Windows, based in Stoke-on-Trent, said the work will include five new-build sites for Birmingham City Council, totalling more than £80K.

Director Guy Basnett, said: “We are working closely with the main contractor to fit our windows and doors on several sites across Birmingham where the council is building affordable homes. Our Profile 22 Optima Range has been vigorously tested to ensure it meets Birmingham City Council’s high standards and is now fully accredited.”

The firm’s largest area of growth since 2008 has been in the commercial sector.

Guy said: “This is because we sit down with contractors prior to the start of a project and advise on what products would fit best and where. We now have a large bank of commercial clients coming to us in the design stages of a project, such as a large care home, and asking us queries like which glass is best for an acoustic value they have to reach, and we provide solutions to the problem. Large contractors now trust us, as they have seen the quality not only from the windows and doors we fit but also the back-up given to them to achieve their goals.”