An all-senses experience

The architectural studio Mano de Santo and KMZero, Open Innovation Hub, part of Martinez Group, chose Guardian Glass when designing Punta de Mar, the first floating, dynamic and advanced accommodation in Spain.

The project, promoted by startup Punta de Mar, takes the concept of experiential tourism to another level, of which the first prototype is already placed at the Club Náutico in Denia on the Mediterranean.

Punta de Mar is a floating platform with a minimalistic architectural design that is both functional and respectful to the environment. By helping to foster an all-senses experience of its surroundings, the project’s goal is an integration with the natural environment, together with intimacy, comfort, relaxation and a sense of well-being for the guests.

This is possible thanks in part to the enveloping glass provided by Guardian Glass, one of the strategic allies on the project, which has facilitated and opted for supply of glass and granted technical support in relation to glass applications for this new business project located on the Mediterranean coast.

“We chose Guardian Glass for this project because the company offers the most efficient glass,” Frances de Paula García, architect from Mano de Santo, said. “Bearing in mind the characteristics of this project, where it was necessary to resolve extreme demands, we looked for excellence. Another important aspect is that we have been able to count on their technical support.”

The floating structure used triple glazed Guardian glass that provides superior energy savings, security and acoustic insulation: on the outer surface Guardian SunGuard SN 70/35 HT selective glass was installed; followed by Guardian ExtraClear, an intermediate glass layer; and on the inner surface, Guardian ClimaGuard Premium2 laminated glass is used to reinforce the overall security and energy efficiency.

This glass unit provides 61% light transmission and 32% solar factor. This means that the glass allows abundant sunlight in, while blocking most of the heat, providing Punta de Mar with excellent thermal insulation, solar control and a high level of security and sound insulation, creating a core set with very high performance and energy efficiency levels. Not only does the glass facilitate a much more transparent, vivid and unobtrusive view of the surroundings from the inside – such as the sea and natural environment – it also dims the internal-external borders and allows guests to experience total connection with its continuously changing location.

For the project’s interior design, Guardian SunGuard HD Silver 20 was specified (in wardrobe areas, headboards and bathroom) with the aim of playing with different reflections. Due to its various mirror effects, privacy can be enhanced in these more intimate areas, while creating interesting, fun effects in others, providing a sense of spaciousness and immersion of the outside with the inside.

“The importance of the glass, as well as all the other materials we have chosen, has been essential,” the architect said. “With these, we have looked for a total connection with the surroundings. In particular, the glass should have some specific performance in terms of transparency to achieve that (apart from insulation), as well as large dimensions to solve the comfort aspect too. This adds up to the fact that the glass used for the living space of the lodge allows a 360º experience. The guest feels enveloped by the surroundings. It’s an experience of total integration and the glass assists in achieving that.”