Tape advocate

Doors and Windows Exeter has become an enthusiastic advocate for Illbruck’s TP650.

“We’d heard bits and pieces about installation tapes over the years,” director Nick George said. “But we’d never seen any reason to ditch silicone. It’s far from perfect, but we’d been using it for a quarter of a century.

“But Illbruck were running a promotion, and we thought, why not? If it was half as good as they said it was, it was definitely worth a try.

“So, we took them up on their offer, trialled it on one of our installation projects, and we haven’t looked back.”

TP650 Trio is a compressed foam window installation tape. Once you remove the backing paper, the tape steadily expands to effectively seal all gaps and spaces between the frame and wall.

Impregnated with a flame-retardant resin, it offers thermal efficiency, air-tightness and driving rain resistance of at least 600 PA.

“It’s incredibly quick and easy to use,” Nick said. “We’ve all used silicone for years, but there’s no question, it’s a pain – it’s messy, and you can’t use it in rainy weather, which is a pretty big weakness in England.

“With TP650 none of those problems apply, and what’s more, it offers the end-user vastly greater thermal and acoustic performance too.”