Synergy between the systems

Express Bi-folding Doors has integrated its software set-up using BM Aluminium’s LogiKal system.

Led by senior business analyst Mark Gregoire in partnership with Dan Hodges and Perry Mace from BM Aluminium, the aim of the project was to achieve better synergy between the systems being used in different departments to create a greater level of transparency.

Previously, Express Bi-folding Doors had used several different proprietary software programmes provided by the systems companies it works with, including Schueco and Smarts, as well as two stand-alone versions of LogiKal – one open and one closed.

While this was manageable several years ago when the Leeds-based business was turning over £5 million, Mark felt that it was limiting efficiency now that the turnover is closer to £26 million, and leaving too much potential for errors. He approached BM Aluminium at the end of 2017 to develop a solution that was more appropriate for the requirements of the business as it continues to expand.

The LogiKal installation now manages all order processing and manufacturing at Express Bi-folding Doors, linking to Schueco, Emmegi and Elumatec saws, as well as two CNCs and an Emmegi Quadra machining centre. Efficiency has increased with position library templates helping to standardise production and outputs.

It has been a largely bespoke installation, since the Express Bi-folding Doors product range includes many non-standard products, some even using profile and sill combinations from different manufacturers.

Mark said: “We are already seeing increased efficiency and better communication and understanding between departments. We had been looking at a new ERP system to manage our bill of materials but LogiKal has proved such a success that we have extended it to stock control as well.

“Standardising orders to suppliers and being able to really analyse our job costings has been one of the biggest benefits so far, but we know there is still lots more we can achieve with LogiKal. Moving forward we are looking at using the software throughout the entire business from order right through to delivery, and are already planning to add quotations and surveying next.

“Dan, Perry and the whole team at BM Aluminium have provided outstanding service to us all the way along and clearly understand our business. They have worked hard to make sure LogiKal meets our very specific requirements and I’m looking forward to working with them during the next phase.”

Express Bi-Folding Doors has three 50,000ft2 units in Leeds housing the manufacturing, despatch and showroom facilities for its aluminium roofing systems, windows, folding and sliding doors. These are all now linked using LogiKal, and the additional showrooms in Redhill, East Kilbride and Romford will also be linked in the future.