Super fabricating world

Roseview has installed a second AMC602 machining centre from Kombimatec.

The addition of a second AMC602 machining centre has been essential in order to keep up with customer demand, and to maintain the production standards required for its flagship product: the Ultimate Rose heritage-style vertical sliding window.

Roseview’s production director Tim Bygrave said: “Ultimate Rose is easily the most authentic, timber alternative sash window on the market, and our Kombimatec AMC602 machining centres form an integral part of its manufacture.

“We ordered a second machine in order to keep up with high levels of current and anticipated future demand. In fact, they’ve proved to be so popular with the production team here at Roseview, that we’ve named them Mario and Luigi after the Nintendo characters – they just get things done.”

The AMC602 machining centre is suitable for both PVC and aluminium profiles. Manufactured with a solid steel construction using high quality components, it incorporates advanced CNC control with CADCAM software which provides exceptional levels of precision and reliability during production, Kombimatec said.

As standard, the AMC602 includes a wide range of features, such as four controlled axes, adjustable pneumatic clamps, a 5.5KW electro-spindle and an automatic tool change system. It also comes with a comprehensive options list, including a bar code reader, automatic clamp positioning, offline programming software, a larger tool cabinet, and a double workstation enabling manufacturers to tailor the machine to their exact requirements.

“Not only have our AMC602 centres proven to be very reliable, but we’ve also enjoyed first class support from David Parsons and his team at Kombimatec, from sales to installation, through to commissioning and operation,” Tim said.

“In the current climate, where the industry is experiencing exceptionally high levels of demand for premium and heritage style products, being able to rely on Mario and Luigi for consistent, high quality output is invaluable. We really couldn’t be without them.”