A summer of bifold call-backs?

ExtrudaSeal has said it has seen a significant increase in demand for its new ‘fit-and-forget’ aluminum bifolding door threshold gasket, which the company believes is down to seals failing in the heat.

Paul James, sales director at Extrudaseal, said: “We saw an immediate jump in enquiries for aluminium bifold threshold gaskets following June’s heatwave. It’s clearly a time when people want to open-up their doors and make the most of outdoor and indoor spaces.

“Equally, it’s the time when gaskets can fail, either because they have been caught in opening and closing and are damaged, haven’t been fitted properly, or have stuck because of a build of friction on the seal.

“That means call backs and costs. It’s a source of frustration for so many installers which is why we developed our solution.”  

Friction on bifold gasket seals is a known problem. Even where doors are fitted correctly, a lack of proper maintenance by the homeowner can lead to the build- up, which can lift the gasket out of the threshold or alignment on opening.

“Silicone lubricant sprays will reduce static build-up,” Paul said. “The problem is that in some systems it doesn’t take much to lift the threshold gasket out of position and then it can easily catch as the door rollers pass alongside, the sash passes over, or on shoot-bolts.

“As well as providing improved seal and compression, the major advantage of our gasket is the semi-rigid box foot. This provides additional resistance so that even if you get a build-up of static, it doesn’t kick out of place.”