Success with flush

The Veka UK Group has unveiled the Veka FlushSash, which is well positioned to meet the growing demand for energy-efficient systems in the heritage sector.

The clean, uncluttered lines of the FlushSash are reminiscent of traditional Georgian timber windows, but these flush aesthetics also make the system ideal for contemporary commercial projects as an alternative to aluminium.

The Veka UK Group’s sales director Neil Evans said: “The Veka FlushSash is able to utilise existing outerframes, hardware and ancillaries, and will really extend sales opportunities for our fabricators and installers.

“For the authentic look of timber windows, there are currently an industry-leading 30 colour and woodgrain options in The Veka UK Group’s ‘Variations’ collection.

“Transoms, sashes and mullions can be joined mechanically and Veka’s FlushSash can achieve an ‘A’ rating with ease. It can also be offered in either 28mm double glazed units or 36mm triple glazed units, depending on the requirements of the environment.

“One of the major, practical benefits of the FlushSash is that it maximises the efficiency and flexibility of the Veka Fully Sculptured system, allowing fabricators to extend their product range with minimal stockholding of additional sections.”