Streamlined software

Senior Architectural Systems is offering trade customers a streamlined version of the design and estimating software LogiKal.

Exclusively available to Senior’s network of trade fabricators and installers, the LogiKal Lite program has been developed to help support the company’s customer’s working in the domestic residential sector.

The software package can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of each individual customer, incorporating only the features that are needed as well as personalised elements so that professional quotations can be quickly and easily produced.

Ongoing support is available, with Senior providing full LogiKal training for both the streamlined Lite version and the full standard software package.

The LogiKal Lite program is compatible with Senior’s range of residential aluminium door and windows systems, including the slimline Ali VU window and Ali Fold doors, as well as products from Senior’s thermally efficient Pure range.

Ian Hannis, Senior Architectural System’s LogiKal software developer said. “We appreciate that there are many different configurations and options to choose from when dealing with aluminium systems and we want to make it as easy as possible for our trade customers to estimate, design and fabricate our products and secure new business.”