Spring balances upgraded

All three of Roseview’s Rose Collection windows now come equipped with Caldwell’s UL6 spring balances, which achieves AAMA Class 6 (the highest grade possible) in performance testing.

Providing up to 80% assisted lift, the UL6 allows for smooth, quiet operation while greater spring tension stability along the length of the balance eliminates the ‘hop and drop’ issues that affect some types of sash window.

Sales director Richard Burrells said: “None of these enhancements have been made in response to customer demand. They weren’t technically necessary either – all Roseview products were already above the legally required standard. The reason we’ve made them is simple: we want class-leading balance mechanics across our whole range, and won’t sacrifice quality, regardless of price point.

“When it comes to outstanding balances, there’s only one name worth mentioning as far as we’re concerned: Caldwell. We’ve worked with them for years, and knew that if we wanted to make world-class windows even better, they were the people we needed to call.”

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