Social media drives business goals

Freefoam decided 18 months ago to use the rise of social media as part of its overall marketing strategy, and partnered with Mind Made Digital to ensure a targeted professional approach.

The aim was to use social media as a platform to engage with customers and installers, raise brand awareness with homeowners, and drive business goals. On this basis the programme has been a success, the company said, and customers are using Freefoam content to promote products and benefits, and installers are using it as a platform to share photos of their work.

Freefoam said social media is pushing on average 36% of web traffic across all company sites, the number of enquires to become a Freefoam registered installer has doubled, and the company has seen a 70% increase in fans and followers.

Freefoam also said social media has allowed it to work more closely with customers and installers to create professional content together, including films that highlight the benefits Freefoam products offer throughout the supply chain.

Louise Sanderson, UK marketing manager, said: “As manufacturers, using social media has brought a new dimension to our marketing function. While there will always be a place for traditional point of sale and literature, being able to showcase our products and engage directly with our customer and installer partners has really created a vibrant and active online community.”