Scheduling capability expanded

The last 12 months have been busy and productive for Freefoam Building Products’ new-build department, the company has reported.

The number of new homes being built in the UK continues to grow, with reports showing a 55% increase in the last five years, with strong performance in the Midlands, south Wales and Scotland.

Freefoam is supporting customers to service this growth with a free scheduling service, which provides an accurate product specification and quantity breakdown from drawings for all elements of the roofline product range including fascia, soffit, rainwater and cladding materials.

The company said it has seen a large increase in the volume of schedules for a variety of customers including large national housebuilders and smaller developers. Conversion rates are also up, contributing to overall sales.

Simon Parrott, new build and specification manager, said: “We’ve focused on our scheduling service providing training and support for all concerned and developed ways to streamline the process. This has seen the creation of an efficient and valuable service that supports and brings business to our customers on a daily basis.”