Significant reductions in wastage

Faster, more versatile, more accurate, less waste; there were no downsides when secondary glazing specialist Selectaglaze chose two new Kombimatec DGS530 CNC double mitre saws to streamline its production, the company said.

“It’s a crucial part in our entire production process so we put a lot of thought into making the choice,” Selectaglaze’s managing director Keith Mercer said. “And I’m happy to say that, as a result, everything about the machines has proved to be a positive.

“Secondary glazing is more popular than ever as more people realise the low visual impact and increased thermal efficiency it can offer. So, we need to stay ahead of demand, and the Kombimatec saws have helped us to boost our capacity as well as being more reliable and flexible.”

The DGS530 comes complete with 530mm TCT saw blades, a speedier automatic positioning system and motorised heads. It automatically cuts whole 6m lengths to the pre-set size with its auto feed trim cutting facility in as little as 15 minutes where it would have previously taken an hour.

Both machines have been fitted with automatic digital calipers that measure the height of the extrusion and then automatically adjust the blade for the height of each extrusion bringing greater efficiency as well as reducing the potential for processing error – especially useful when Selectaglaze works with a list of over 100 profiles. Each also has been given a cleat cutting facility so that cleat widths can be auto-indexed into the saw.

The DG530s have also brought sustainability benefits with significant reductions in profile wastage because of their improved accuracy and the optimisation of cutting combinations.

Kombimatec MD David Parsons said: “It is one of the most advanced machines of its kind and by far the most versatile. We spent a great deal of time with the company, carefully assessing everything they needed and we were very happy, though not really surprised, that the DGS530 was by far the best choice on the market.”