Selling benefits

Roseview has become the latest member of Edgetech’s Dealership programme, through its glass supplier Double R.

Dealership offers a range of support services to the network of IGU manufacturers, window fabricators and installers throughout the UK that buy Super Spacer.

IGU manufacturers like Double R benefit from leads and a range of marketing material, and fabricators like Roseview also receive leads and extensive support to sell the benefits of using Super Spacer.

“Dealership was launched over a decade ago to support Edgetech customers throughout the supply chain,” Edgetech’s head of marketing Charlotte Mercer said.

“For a number of years, we’d watched IGU manufacturers, fabricators and installers struggle to keep up with an ever-changing landscape and increasingly struggle to differentiate themselves.

“As a result, Dealership was introduced, which at the time focused on two main areas: making Window Energy Ratings accessible and cost effective so that our customers could maximise the opportunity available there, and ensuring the quality of Super Spacer windows throughout the supply chain.

“As Window Energy Ratings grew in popularity, manufacturers no longer needed support to access these and so this part of our Dealership scheme has faded. However, consistent quality, the need to differentiate your business, and the ability to add value to your product are as important now as ever. That’s why our Dealership scheme remains relevant and continues to grow in membership today.”

Roseview’s marketing director Mike Bygrave said: “When you design and build class-leading sash windows, the components we add to the window are just as important as the windows themselves. Our customers expect the highest quality across the board, so partnering with Edgetech was an obvious choice for us.”