Security sells

Conservatory Outlet recently broadened its product remit, presenting the Extreme 3 window locking system to its UK-wide network.

The Extreme 3 system is designed to prevent attack in any direction, with the heavy duty reinforced bolts securely locked into the frame, creating 300% more contact area than any other Shoot Bolt on the market, Conservatory Outlet claimed. The design essentially replicates the security properties of a Vaultbolt door locking system for use within a window.

The Conservatory Outlet system also incorporates Ecoseal, which allows designers to use larger ‘push out’ casements that will comfortably sit on a 450mm dwarf wall without the need for top openers. The system works to tightly pull in the sash against the frame, creating compression that can withstand forcible attacks at any point around the whole unit.  

Conservatory Outlet said this selling point has proven to be popular with the Conservatory Outlet Network, and 20 of its retail partners have already taken it on board.   

Conservatory Outlet’s managing director Michael Giscombe said: “Around 750,000 incidents of domestic burglary take place each year in the UK, so it’s no surprise that security is one of the top concerns for homeowners when making improvements to their property.   

“As a manufacturer, it is essential that we offer our retail customers a product armoury that provides them the flexibility to present a range of options that fulfil the end-user’s needs.  

“We are pleased that this can now include the market’s most secure locking system, offering homeowners piece of mind in protecting their home, but also not having to compromise on modern designs.”