SBD simplified

Emplas – as PatioMaster Anglia – has simplified its patio door pricing structure with easy upgrades from standard to Secured by Design specifications.

It’s simplified patio door pricing with an additional £100 plus VAT per sash on Secured by Design specifications, regardless of size or colour.

“We continue to see good volume sales of patio doors and there’s clearly an opportunity there for installers to up-sell to an SBD specification,” John Leary, sales and marketing director at Emplas, said.

“Knowing what they normally pay for a standard door, and then simply building in an additional £100 per sash, makes it much simpler to price an SBD door effectively, get your margins right and make a profit. And you can do it there and then because you know your costs.”

The offer is initially available in a two-pane option, and in as little as a five-day turnaround on standard orders.

Enhanced SBD security features include the addition of two patio interlock bolts that lock the sliding panel to the fixed frame, and which mean that would-be burglars cannot force the door apart.

It also features a full width security head rail that runs across the full width of the top opening panel, and a full-height security keep rail designed to strengthen the sliding sash at the corners.

SBD door hardware includes an anti-bump cylinder and a PAS24 handle, fully tested to withstand three minutes of manual attack.

This is in addition to standard security features, including a multi-point lock with 6 hook opposing action and an inbuilt anti-lift system. This is combined with reinforced profile and high-performance hardware.