Remote working help

The current Coronavirus crisis has forced companies to rethink how they operate, with remote-working now essential.

It is crucial at this time that companies ‘keep the wheels turning’ and remote-working database platform Salestracker could be the answer, Insight Data has said.

The system enables sales, marketing, customer service and telesales teams to access customer and prospect information online remotely via PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Jade Greenhow, operations director at Insight Data, said: “Given the current unprecedented circumstances it is impossible for trade and commercial reps to attend meetings, but using Salestracker they can be productive working from home – speaking to customers, compiling prospect lists and calling or emailing potential customers. Many companies now use Salestracker to enable telesales and customer service teams to work remotely, as the system records and date-stamps every activity so managers can keep an eye on productivity.”

Salestracker provides users with an online database, with detailed business information on over 60,000 companies including window companies, house builders, local builders, main contractors, merchants and architects.

It also has a built-in CRM system to help users manage customers, research prospects and track potential customers and leads. Cloud storage means documents can be stored and shared, such as quotes and proposes, so that teams can work and collaborate from anywhere, at any time, with access to all key information.