Quick pelmets

Synseal Group has launched an easy-to-install variable pelmet.

Available for its K2, Global and Celsius Solid Roof systems, the new variable pelmet system covers pitches from 12.5° to 35° and depths ranging from 300mm to 1,100mm, giving customers the flexibility to create the right look for every space.

The pelmet has been designed from the ground up to adapt to every roof configuration, and accommodates varying roof pitches and valleys seen in P- and T-shaped conservatories. It comes fully prepped, ready for screwing in place.
Phil Parry, head of research and development at Synseal Group, said: “Our new variable pelmet gives our conservatory and orangery roof customers more flexibility to design rooms exactly to their customers’ specifications. Previously customers were limited by only being able to work with equal pitches, so we have designed a variable pelmet which is better suited for Victorian and P-shaped conservatories where pitching may vary.

“We are confident that roof customers are going to appreciate the introduction of a variable pelmet which is quicker and easier to fit than market competitors and also comes at a more affordable price.”