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AluFoldDirect has been telling its installer customers to take advantage of the buoyant domestic aluminium market.

Craig Miller, managing director at AluFoldDirect, said: “Over the last four years, we have watched as so many of our customers have grown their installation businesses profitably by taking their piece of the aluminium market.

“Through talking with customers, we knew that some of them saw taking the step from fitting PVCU to aluminium glazing as a challenge. But they knew that it would give them the chance to take full advantage of today’s domestic glazing market, benefit from better profit margins and grow.

“By delivering a series of innovations to help these installers make that step, we have enabled them to become professional installers of aluminium, who fit the Everything Aluminium range right first time.”

Support for installers include the Aluminium Glazing Installer Academy, which offers free hands-on training for customers, and Aluminium Glazing Projects, the free project management support service that helps installers win and complete larger jobs, like commercial work or domestic developments.

This is on top of the Everything Aluminium range which is delivered in one week unglazed, two weeks glazed.

“As the PVCU market has matured, more and more installers have been looking at other ways to achieve profitable growth and aluminium is the way forward,” Craig said. “With our innovations, we can give them the confidence to deliver Everything Aluminium, with absolute certainty for profitable business growth.”

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