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Already using Elumatec products in its PVCU and aluminium production for a number of years, Arkay Windows expanded its capacity last yearwith three further acquisitions: a DG 104 double-mitre saw, and two SBZ 122/74 four-axis machining centres.

“The team at Arkay came to us with a problem that affects all fast-growing fabricators: the need to streamline production to meet the increasing demand for their products,” Elumatec’s regional sales manager Bryan Dandosaid. “Our double-mitre saw and SBZ122 machining centres will allow them to efficiently machine aluminium and PVCU profiles to an exceptional standard, while taking up the minimal floor space.”

The SBZ 122/74 CNC machinery centre has a four-axis design, and an upgraded machine bed allows for precise cutting at high-speed, with smarter disposal of waste materials. Elumatec said. Despite the smaller footprint, the machining centre offers more ergonomic operation, allowing the operator to work closer to the machine thanks to a unique inclined bed, remote controlled activation of the re-designed clamps and a protective enclosure.

Manufactured in Germany, the DG104 double-mitre saw is a versatile machine that can cut both high and wide profiles for series production and special applications. The DG104 can accommodate cutting length variants of up to 6,000mm.

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