Product of the year

Rehau’s Geneo range of fibre-reinforced windows has been named Product of the Year 2019 by specialist architecture publisher Callwey Architekturverlag.

The judges were impressed with its use of sustainable materials to produce a window system with outstanding energy efficiency.

The Geneo system was launched earlier this year and features the latest iteration of Rehau’s RAU-Fipro X material.

The patented RAU-Fipro X profile core allows maximum stability, without the need for steel reinforcement. By combining Rehau’s built-in IVS reinforcement system with an optimised profile design, there are no thermal bridges, allowing Geneo to achieve a U-value of up to 0.79W/m²K and reduce energy consumption by up to 76%.

The Geneo system has also been designed to easily incorporate a range of intelligent Rehau solutions, including Smart Guard security technology and its Inovent intelligent ventilation system which is available in Europe.

Because of the high-tech RAU-Fipro material, floor-to-ceiling windows up to 2.80m tall and 1.60m wide can be created with specially designed composite material. These dimensions were once considered impossible without aluminium profiles, the company said. As a result, a new benchmark for coloured frame designs has been set too, with new heights of up to 2.70m available.