Praise won for smart approach to service

Emmegi (UK) has made significant investments in its service team over the past year, appointing Kully and Wayne Hunter to manage service and operations, and increasing the size of its onsite engineering team to seven.

The company has received positive feedback from customers on how quickly service issues are now being resolved and how effectively Emmegi is now training customers to get more from their machines, while trying to eliminate avoidable breakdowns.

Emmegi (UK) has also contracted a team of engineers from its Italian HQ to work in the UK for the next year, and is extending its use of remote servicing on software in particular so that specialists based in Italy can dial into a customer’s machine set up and quickly resolve issues.

Wayne said: “Just by working a little bit smarter, we are now resolving issues for more customers, more quickly. Our processes are more efficient, but we are also taking a more proactive rather than reactive approach, which is already delivering better value for customers.”

A typical recent example is at TWR Group in County Durham where Emmegi installed a new Quadra L1 machining centre in July 2019. When TWR contacted Emmegi (UK) with a series of queries on the machine, Emmegi despatched two of its engineers to review how it was being operated and to provide training and advice.

They advised the team at TWR on positioning of the gripper height and clamp setting adjustment to avoid lengths from being cut incorrectly, and discussed how to maximise the infeed magazine capacity so that batching and sub batching of jobs is more efficient.

TWR made its principle machine operators available for a dedicated training session with Emmegi’s senior engineer Garry Barehead and, as a result, TWR is happy that its Quadra is now running “faster and better” and delivering an improved return on investment.

The same smart working approach helped another customer recently when it had a problem with its Satellite XT. Kully ensured that Emmegi solved the problem within 90 minutes of it being reported by using an engineer who was able to dial in and diagnose almost immediately that the MG pilot was simply disconnected.

Similarly, PSP Aluminium was back up and running within 75 minutes of reporting an error message on its X6 CNC machine when Kully asked Emmegi in Italy to dial in and remotely recover a file folder that had gone down.

Wayne said: “We are encouraging customers to send us videos of faults so that we can diagnose and respond more effectively. Sometimes, of course, we are finding that there isn’t even really a fault – it is simply that the machine hasn’t been set up correctly or the operator hasn’t been adequately trained. In these cases, we can provide instructions direct from the service centre in Coventry to save time and get customers up and running really quickly, or send out engineers to give more detailed advice and training, with the overall aim of helping customers to achieve a more reliable and efficient operation.”