Panel of experts

Veka UK Group customers now source high quality, perfectly-matched solid panels from 3D Laminates, a subsidiary company of Veka.

Veka UK Group marketing director, Dawn Stockell, said: “3D Laminates provides 28mm silica infill panels for use in doors, sidescreens and windows, and they can be laminated in the exact same finish as our Variations colour options.

“This removes the hassle of having to spray panels and completely eliminates the potential for mismatching shades occurring between laminated profile and sprayed panels. These panels are available in all 14 of the ex-stock colours in the Variations collection and can be laminated both sides, different colours each side, or laminated externally with the inside left in base white to match Veka’s white profile.

“The panels can even be specified in our new Spectral finish, which is exclusive to Veka and its subsidiaries.”

Panels from 3D laminates can be supplied to customers as a full sheet measuring 3,000mm x 1,250mm x 28mm, or 3D Laminates’ professional cutting service can cut them to bespoke sizes.