Oversized glass option

Super Spacer Premium Plus from Edgetech UK is designed for manufacturing oversized insulated glass units.

“More of our customers are reporting an increase in demand for big glass units, in line with the growing domestic trend for wide-span glazed doors,” Chris Alderson, managing director at Edgetech UK, said.

“Super Spacer Premium Plus has led the way in light commercial IG units, so it’s a proven system for IGU manufacturers who are making more oversized units for residential wide-span bi-folding and sliding doors.

“Systems companies differentiate themselves from the competition by talking about the extra frame height or width they can squeeze out of a leaf. Even with these big sizes, they are still hitting U-values that are lower than the Building Regulation requirement of 1.8W/m2K.

“It’s the glass units that play a big part in delivering this thermal efficiency.”

Triple glazing increases energy performance but the additional 6mm pane of glass in a 1.8m x 2.1m door could add up to eight and a half stone, making fabrication and installation tricky. A lighter solution is to use ‘clever doubles’ with Super Spacer Premium Plus warm edge technology.

“It’s not just a case of making standard IGUs bigger – oversized units can’t be treated in the same way,” Chris said. “Larger units increase the potential for issues with deflection and cavity expansion and contraction.”

Super Spacer has been used in IGUs of up to 15m in length without issues of movement or deflection and comes with a 40-year guarantee.

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