A year on

Kömmerling launched the PremiLine PRO – a Secured by Design patio door system that’s achieved PAS 24 in two and four pane variants with physical testing, and without the need for plunge bolts – over a year ago.

The patented design incorporates a locking handle at the interlock where both sashes meet, and was designed to meet the needs of Document Q. With over 14 months’ worth of sales behind them, Kömmerling believe it’s re-ignited interest in patio doors from consumers and new housing specifiers.

Fabricators such as Sliders UK and Tradelink have been quick to take up the opportunity and with only a modest hardware kit required. Manufacturing processes are quick and simple as there are tolerances built in the overall design and similarly the product is installed in exactly the same way as a standard patio door.

More recently, Kömmerling put a four-pane variant through the PAS 24 test with ease and subsequently will carry Secured by Design, as will the three-pane variant and also the unique triple track solution.

Kevin Warner, head of sales and marketing at Kömmerling, said: “Without question, PremiLine PRO has been a patio door revelation. It’s a unique product that’s as easy to manufacture as it is to install.”