Opportunity to restructure

Business Pilot, the cloud-based business management tool for installers, has launched a new business ‘first-aid kit’ which allows installers to restructure their operations remotely and get ready for what it describes as a “radically changed commercial landscape”.

Business Pilot is designed to give installers beginning-to-end visibility of each and every aspect of their operation from wherever they, or their teams are, through cloud-based technology.
With lockdown impacting retail since the end of March, Elton Boocok, managing director of Business Pilot, said many installers had struggled to manage key elements of their businesses remotely.

In response, he said that Business Pilot was offering dedicated grant support to installers to implement remote working schemes, as well as support to do so.

He said: “There are installers who had systems in place and were able to reduce the impact of March’s lockdown on their businesses – and others who were completely caught off guard.

“If you are one of that group (and there are lots, so don’t think you’re alone) there is a real opportunity to address gaps in your business infrastructure and to put in the fixes now, to immediately reduce that exposure, ensuring that you’re set up to adapt to a radically changed commercial landscape.”

The impact Covid-19, and the ensuing lockdown, has had on window and door retail sales was also tracked by Business Pilot.

Its industry barometer charted a positive start to the year with a post-election return of consumer confidence. It was clear, however, that Covid-19 was hanging menacingly over the industry by the end of February. This led to a drop in leads of 39% month-on-month by March.

“We need to be positive,” Elton said. “We are going to come through this. We simply need to recognise that things will be different – and not to assume that that is necessarily a negative.
“We’re in a period where you have a unique opportunity to drive change throughout your business. You can do it now, remotely and come back to a better business.”

Designed for installers by installers, and a Fensa partner, Business Pilot is a cloud-native solution, which means that it has been designed to be accessed from anywhere anytime.

This means teams can access fully synced systems from the office, onsite or at home, with features including drag-and-drop capability, links to drawings, specifications and images, and site video.

It also allows companies to manage supplier orders, gives the cost of each installation, helicopter, and detailed analysis of profitability.

Every change is tracked and duplicated throughout the system making day-to-day management of operation simpler, the company said.

“We’re offering a grant and support to get installers live on Business Pilot now,” Elton said. “We’ve brought a number of customers on board since the lockdown and they’re set up and fully operational. You drive change now.

“It’s also about helping installers to understand the other platforms available to them and how they can be used together to make their businesses more effective.

“It may feel like an exercise in business continuity right now, but actually it’s not. It’s about making your business more adaptable, more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable. It’s not about surviving today. It’s about building for tomorrow.”