Online customer support package

Doorco is launching a comprehensive online customer support package.

“Working as closely with our customers as we do, we identified a need to make the process of generating leads, creating orders and ultimately selling more doors, even easier,” Ben Aspinall, Doorco’s IT and projects lead, said. “Which is why we commissioned specialist development company, The Consultancy, to develop unique online customer packages, not only for our fabricator customers, but for installers too.

“Our fabricators can already order directly with Doorco online, but this new package helps them do business with their customers online too.”

Doorco’s fabricators can use the Doorco door designer to power their own online ordering systems and door designers, which means their installer customers can generate instant quotes and orders from them directly via individual trade portals.

The system allows homeowners to design, quote and order doors online via Door slab and prepped slab fabricators and their installers.

“We haven’t stopped there though,” Ben said. “We’ve also launched a stand-alone installer package to allow installers direct access to the Doorco door designer, that can again be individually branded to their business and used on their website, or within their own business.”

Furthermore, homeowners can use a door designer facility to browse the style, frame, colour, glass, and hardware options they’re considering, and see them come together in the final door design, before they request a quote. These leads are then distributed to fabricators and installers.

“Introducing a full supply chain ordering system like this, which fits in with our existing online ordering systems, makes the entire process more efficient, more secure and more convenient, but most of all, door designers such as these generate more leads and more sales, which is precisely the kind of support we want to offer Doorco fabricators and installers,” Ben said.