Noise reducing

Bereco has launched the Ambient Timber Window and Door Range, which includes a number of noise reducing levels from 38dB up to 42dB.

“Most manufacturers will state the dB rating for the glazing alone but this does not take into account the noise ‘leak’ that may potentially occur through the frame,” the company said in a release. “Poorly fitted gaskets, gaps in the frame and trickle vents can all be responsible for this. At Bereco we have measured the overall dB rating for the window and this is what we state.”

Each level within the range has been awarded Bluesky Noise Reducing Windows certification and the 42dB window has achieved a Bluesky A-rated noise reduction level.

The Bluesky Noise Rating label is similar to the concept of the energy rating labels and is designed to simplify the process of selecting a noise reducing window.