No hesitation in returning

Mercury Glazing Supplies has invested in Haffner Murat machinery.

Steve Cross, Mercury’s managing director, said: “We’ve bought several machines from Haffner Murat in the past and we know they deliver the quality and service we look for. We had no hesitation in returning to them again.”

Mercury has invested in two machines: a new FA526 automatic two-head end-milling machine, and a new SC220/VS machining centre, both of which will support the company’s fabrication of the new Spectus mechanically jointed vertical slider, as well as general window production.

The FA526 automatic two-head end-milling machine can mill two ends of transom in a single operation, while a vertical and horizontal pneumatic profile clamping system enables optimum work piece fixing. Other features include a movable head that is manually positioned and manually fixed according to the profile length, and an automatic release of the fixed head after milling, which is then repositioned at the same length for second transom.

The new SC220/VS machining centre gathers all sawing, milling, drilling and marking operations on PVC profiles onto one computer-controlled machine.

Highlights from a wealth of benefits that improve productivity include: the ability to stack eight profiles of up to 6.5m in length for 210mm cill cutting and prepping; the ability to automatically cut in all angles between 30º and 150º with an accuracy of 0.1º; and a shift monitoring system.

“We knew from previous experience we could trust Haffner Murat to find the production solutions that were right for us,” Steve said. “Both machines deliver clear quality and are already adding value to our fabrication set-up.”