No business like show business

Veka UK Group unveiled a brand new product at the show, claimed a FIT Award, welcomed two Kitemark presentations from the BSI, announced Independent Network’s official partnership with Which? Trusted Traders, celebrated a major birthday, and received positive feedback on the products displayed.

Veka UK Group chose the 2019 FIT Show to launch its new ultramatt surface technology Spectral to the industry.

Marketing director Dawn Stockell said: “Almost velvet to the touch, Spectral … has unrivalled performance (and style) benefits unmatched by any other matt surface on the market.

“We chose to introduce this unique material to customers at the FIT Show, so they could see it up close, and get to grips with the finish for themselves. We’re understandably very proud of this technology, and we were delighted to hear the feedback from customers at the show who were impressed by its texture, anti-fingerprint properties and dense, rich quality of colour. Launching it at the show meant we were on hand to answer any immediate questions and demonstrate the benefits face to face.

“Spectral is highly durable and allows dirt to be easily wiped away. It is highly scratch resistant and resiliant to UV light, extreme weather conditions and harsh chemicals. Many of the systems displayed on Veka UK Group’s stand featured the exclusive new Spectral finish, either on both sides or in combination with shades from the Variations collection, to show how beautifully these options work together.”

Veka also exhibited its ‘streamlined’ Variations colour offering, and its new vertical slider.

“The new Imagine Vertical Slider has so many great features that there are virtually countless combinations of specification options, which is why we showcased it in a ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ configuration to demonstrate the system’s versatility,” Dawn said.

“As anticipated, there was a lot of interest in the black co-extruded chamber, which not only saves time in fabrication – with no need to mask and paint – but also creates a durable and professional finish.”

Veka was also awarded a FIT Award for ‘Most Effective use of Social Media and Digital Marketing’.

“2019 had the added bonus of being the global group’s 50th birthday, so there was a great atmosphere and we hosted a celebratory Beer and Bratwurst event on the Tuesday evening,” Dawn said.