New through-colour foam gasket

ExtrudaSeal has announced the launch of AeroSeal, its new through-colour aluminium bifold door foam gasket.

Ideally suited to dynamic applications, high performance foam provides greater ‘memory’ than traditional gasket systems.

This is combined with a co-extruded rigid foot, which prevents the foam from being stretched during installation. This is simplified further through either click-and-fit or slide-in options.

Chris Byers, managing director at ExtrudaSeal, said: “We have had the capacity to extrude foam seals for a little while so in this sense it’s not a new technology and performance is proven.

“What makes AeroSeal different is that we’re co-extruding foam with a rigid foot. This is absolutely critical, in that it eliminates any issues around shrinkage because it can’t be over-stretched.

“As a through-coloured system, AeroSeal is also very durable and if it is damaged, that damage doesn’t show because unlike some other systems which use a ‘skin’ to weather protect the foam, colour is consistent throughout.

“The net effect is an easy to install but very high performance and durable foam gasket.”

AeroSeal also provides improved acoustic installation over traditional systems.