New for multi-pane windows

Thermoseal Group has introduced new sizes of its Thermobar Interbar to suit warm edge windows incorporating a multi-pane window system with a 25mm surface mount Georgian bar.

New sizes of Thermobar Interbar (muntin) include 11.5mm x 22mm and 15.5mm x 22mm Interbar and fittings in black, white and grey. The Thermobar Interbar range also includes: 6mm x 18mm; 11.5mm x 18mm; and 15.5mm x 18mm. All fittings are colour-matched to the Thermobar Warm Spacer range but are compatible with all warm edge spacer systems.

Samantha Hill, head of marketing and communications, said: “Offering a more energy efficient alternative to aluminium is currently important in Europe where there is a U-value penalty on windows fitted with Georgian bar and multi-pane window systems using duplex fittings or Interbar (muntin). In the anticipation that U-value penalties may also be applied to UK Window Energy Ratings (WERs), our technical centre and production team have been working to expand the Thermobar Interbar range, which is made with high-performance engineering plastic similar to that used for our Thermobar warm edge spacers. Our warm edge multi-pane window products will help our customers to minimise any penalties.”

Thermobar and Thermoflex have a thermal efficiency values of 0.14W/mK and 0.135W/mK respectively. These values are shown on Bundesverband Flachglas data sheets for both windows and facades. Both spacers are included on the Passivhaus Component Database and achieve an A+ Passivhaus rating for arctic climates.

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