More EI fire rated frameless glazing solutions

New additions to the Systemglas range have been announced by passive fire protection company Promat UK.

Using the fire resistant material Promatect H, two new Promat Systemglas options give designers and contractors the scope to create frameless, butt-jointed glazed screens that maximise light transmission, while offering fire integrity and insulation (EI) fire protection for 30 or 60 minutes.

Systemglas Celare is an EI30 and EI60 rated system that can be concealed in the floor, ceiling and side wall structures to give a virtually frameless result. And for applications where a visible frame is preferred, Systemglas Advenerat offerd the same fire-rated standards while allowing for powder coated steel over-cladding or painting.

The fully certified systems – Certifire CF5452 – provide an alternative to metal or timber framing systems. Fire protection for all products in the Systemglas range is guaranteed through Promat UK’s 360 degree wheel of assurance, where passive fire protection experts work with customers at every stage of the supply chain.

Promat starts by providing guidance on the right approach at the design and specification stage, and manufacturing consistency is assured as the system produced in-house. This ensures all cutting and processing is completed to the correct standard. Finally, Promat inspects Systemglas on completion to check that it has been installed in accordance with its recommendations and provides a certificate of conformity for installation.

Ian Cowley, general manager at Promat UK, said: “These new systems stem from our heritage, with our experience in manufacturing Promatect H – a calcium silicate based material with excellent fire resistance properties – applied in a way that to enables architects and clients to benefit from this advanced product. And there’s more to come later in the year, with our timber framed Systemglas Ligna and steel framed Systemglas Ferro set to provide even more passive fire protection options.”