New for trade

Jackloc has launched the Pro 2, which is designed specifically for its bulk trade customers.

The Pro 2 by Jackloc has been designed as a ‘cost-effective’ product for environments such as housing associations while still carrying the Jackloc brand name.

The new restrictor maintains Jackloc’s trademark quality elements and is independently Ukas laboratory-tested to the relevant British Standards. The Pro 2 contains Jackloc’s strength tested cable and comes with new grade two security screws. The restrictor body contains a two-disc locking barrel with a Jackloc key, which allows users to dis-engage the restrictor if required.

Once locked, the security screws are hidden from view, and the Pro 2 also comes with the standard Jackloc 10-year guarantee.

Eric Collins, MD of Jackloc, said: “We know that cost and quality don’t always go hand in hand where restrictors are being bought for large builds. Sadly, we do read of dreadful accidents where people lose their lives after falling from a height through a window, and it would be awful to think that this is happening because of the cost of a restrictor. By creating a lower cost model for bulk purchases, we hope that we can help to preventing these tragedies by maintaining and exceeding quality window restrictor standards.”