At your fingertips

Demos of the new Touch Vendor remote sales and ordering software from Business Micros are now live on the website at

Installers need to register their details on the site and then they can access a step-by-step demo which walks them through the set-up process.

There’s no need to sign up for the free trial to see the demo; registered users can explore the software and see how all the various features work before they commit.

The demo starts at the Touch Vendor dashboard and shows users exactly how to take a warm enquiry generated from their own website designer, add in the necessary survey info and send a priced quotation to the customer. Purple info icons dotted around at key points open up when you click on them to explain how all the elements of the software work and these guide users to the next location. Installers can play around with the product designer in the demo and see how to select their chosen products, add in their own prices and deploy it to their own website.

The one-month free trial of Touch Vendor which has been offered since launch is still available, and there’s also a live chat function available on the website for anyone who needs help setting up their account or with any aspect of how the software works.